Can I configure the Windows XP/2000/2003 Recovery Console to auto-logon whenever I run it?

Yes, but be warned! By doing this, any user can gain access to your computer by using the Recovery Console and without being prompted for an administrative password.

To set an automatic administrator logon for the Recovery Console, complete the following steps while you are logged on with administrative privileges:

Double-click Administrative Tools in Control Panel, and then double-click Local Security Policy.

Expand Security Settings , expand Local Policies, and then click Security Options . Locate the "Recovery Console: Allow automatic administrative logon" policy. Double-click this policy, and then set it to "Enable".

Close the snap-in. The policy is effective immediately. Be sure to go back into the Local Security Policy snap-in to make sure that the effective setting for the policy is "Enabled".

The next time you boot to the Recovery Console, you won't be prompted for a password.